Our Roots

New York-based chef Keith DiLauro founded Bark Wellness Chocolate with the intention of creating a delicious, yet healthy, gourmet treat for his private chef clients. Keith’s clients, including busy public figures, business leaders, entertainers and professional athletes, desired an alternative to the processed, sugar-laden treats commonly available.

At their request, Keith created a chocolate that reflects his holistic approach to health, nutrition and wellbeing. Three years of experimentation and exceptional attention to detail has gone into ensuring its health benefits, from grounding the cacao beans to carefully sourcing ingredients, creating a unique spice formula, and even Bark’s density and portion sizes.

Keith takes great pride in creating mouthwatering chocolate that his clients can truly enjoy guilt-free. His creation was so popular that Keith decided to make Bark Wellness Chocolate, once exclusively for clients, available for more people to enjoy and enhance their wellbeing.

Why Bark?

Traditionally, chocolate bark refers to sheets of chocolate that is covered with nuts, candy and additional pieces of chocolate. When broken up into rough pieces to serve, its patterning and texture resembles the surface of a tree, “bark”. Although our chocolate, with its elevated ingredients and health properties, is barely recognizable from most common chocolate bark varieties, we decided to keep the name. After all, our intention was to create a chocolate that’s ingredients are much closer to their source, nature.